Word vs Spelling Bee Champions – 2018 results

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It’s time again to put the mighty brains and resources of Microsoft against the best and brightest of American youth.  Yet again, the kids put Microsoft Word to shame.

Each year, Office-Watch.com get the word lists from the finals of the US Scripps National Spelling Bee and runs them through the Microsoft Word dictionary.  There’s no good reason, just a bit of fun.

word vs spelling bee champions 2018 results microsoft word 19053 - Word vs Spelling Bee Champions - 2018 results

In 2018 Word hasn’t done well.  Out of 78 words in the final rounds, Microsoft Word marks 46 as ‘incorrect’.   That’s the same number wrong as in 2017, but there were 109 words in the 2017 finals.

The same words are marked with the red squiggle in US, UK and New Zealand English.

Australia wins!

The Aussie English dictionary in Word gets one more word correct than the other countries we tested.

English (Australian) recognizes ‘uraeus’  … why?  Do Australians regularly need a word for “a stylized representation of the sacred asp appearing on the headdress of ancient rulers especially just over the forehead and serving as a symbol of sovereignty.”?

Here’s how Word ‘scored’ in 20172016, 2015 , 2014 and 2013.

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