Word’s Ink Editor gets more gestures

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Coming to Word 365 for Windows are more Ink Editor gestures plus a pop-out pane to explain the gestures available.

Ink Editor is on the Draw menu. It’s a way to use a digital pen to edit existing text.

For example, draw a squiggly line through some words to delete them.

It’s a nifty idea but not much used because there’s no list or reminder of the gestures.  Most are obvious once you’re used to them.

Word 365 (Insiders now, Public release soon) now has an Ink Gesture Help option which open a Help side pane with the gestures all list.

Full Ink Gesture list

Here’s the full list of Ink Editing gestures available, including the new ones coming soon to Word 365.

Track Changes

A reminder that Track Changes works with Ink Editing. To follow or even undo ink editing, make sure Review | Tracking | Track Changes is ON.

Office 365 changes include ink editing in Word and ink to text in PowerPoint


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