Discount Office 2019 killed from Home Use Program

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As Office Watch noted back in July, Office 2019 (Professional Plus or Home & Business) are no longer available in the Home Use Program.

Until last month, Office 2019 Professional Plus or Office 2019 Home and Business could be had for the trivial price of $14.99 instead of well over $200.

The Home Use Program (HUP) is for staff of organizations with Microsoft Office licences which include Software Assurance Maintenance (SAM/SA) or over 2,000 clients type E3 or E5 licences.

The HUP was revamped earlier this year to push people onto Office 365 annual payments instead of single payment software like Office 2019.  Office 365, even with a HUP discount, is more profitable to Microsoft.

It was a surprise that Microsoft even offered Office 2019 in the new HUP.  They certainly buried that option on the HUP purchase page.  Dropping Office 2019 entirely isn’t a great surprise.

Plenty of people won’t be happy about this.  Office software for under $20 was a great deal.

Office 365 Home Use Program

Office 365 is 30% offer under the Home Use Program for either Office 365 Home or Office 365 Personal.

That’s a good year-round discount, though nowhere near as generous as the old Home Use Program.

As we’ve noted before, Microsoft now advertises the HUP, something they’ve never done before.  It’s a sign that the HUP now has direct value for Microsoft, not a loss maker.

Visio 2019 and Project 2019

Visio 2019 and Project 2019 are both available from the Home Use Program if the organization has licences for those products with Software Assurance.

Do you qualify?

The easiest way to cut through all the official qualification rules is just to try it out.

Go to  and it’ll redirect to the latest HUP pages for your country.

Enter your work email address and see what happens.

See Home Use Program for Microsoft Office 365 – who can get it and how? for more details.

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