Microsoft is now advertising the Home Use Program for Office

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For the first time we can remember, Microsoft is publicly advertising the Office 365 Home Use Program.

The Home Use Program changed in February 2019 to an ongoing discount on Office 365 Home plans for staff of organizations with Office volume licenses.  That’s instead of a very low price on perpetual license Office software.

microsoft is now advertising the home use program for office office 365 27873 - Microsoft is now advertising the Home Use Program for Office

Source: web ad from Microsoft.  Note the fine-print ‘Offer valid to employees of eligible companies only’.

The Home Use Program (HUP) used to be a bit of a secret. Microsoft left organizations to tell employees about it, which they didn’t always do very well.

But the old HUP was a loss maker for Microsoft with staff getting Microsoft Office for a pittance (around US$15).

The new Home Use Program makes money for Microsoft or, at worst, is break even.  A 30% discount is roughly the same as the wholesale price of Office 365 to retailers.

It’s little surprise that Microsoft is now actively promoting with web ads.  Not only does it make more money but it gets more people onto the annual payment path for Office and other Microsoft services.

Don’t qualify for the Home Use Program?

If you don’t work for a qualifying organization, you can still save money buying Office 365.

As we proved in 6 Steps to saving on Office 365 renewals or first purchase it only takes a few minutes and some mouse clicks to pay less than Microsoft’s high price for Office 365 Home.

It might not be a full 30% discount of the Home Use Program but around 20% is usually possible year-round.

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