Dynamic Arrays now in Excel for iPhone and iPad

Microsoft has added Dynamic Array functions to Excel for iOS (iPhone and iPad) and done it in an uncharacteristically low-key way.

Dynamic Arrays are now available across all Office 365 platforms; Excel 365 for Windows and Mac, Excel for Android, Excel Online (web) and now Excel for Apple devices.  That’s an important milestone that Microsoft has let pass without a mention, let alone some justifiable hype.

Dynamic Arrays are an important addition to Excel which open up a vast array of opportunities (no pun intended).

Even the term ‘Dynamic Arrays’ is missing from the brief mention in the app update.

  • We’ve added six new functions to supercharge your spreadsheets: FILTER, SORT, SORTBY, UNIQUE, SEQUENCE and RANDARRAY.
  • Quickly type a formula that returns multiple values, and they’ll automatically spill into the neighboring cells.

This applies to Excel for iOS v 2.32 or later.

Do you have Dynamic Arrays in Excel 365?

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