Excel scams for tax time

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It’s income tax time in the USA and that means a new round of email scams and infected Excel documents to watch out for.

IBM Security Intelligence reports on a series of scam emails courtesy of the Trickbot hackers.

All the emails look like legitimate messages from big companies like Paychex, a payroll provider and ADP, a HR and services firm.  In other words, the sort of firms you might expect to hear from at tax time.  The emails are more craftily written than usual with sincere looking text, correct spelling, signatures and footer text.

Emails come from spoofed domains and have FW: or RE: in the subject line.  Here’s some examples:

excel scams for tax time microsoft outlook 27220 - Excel scams for tax time

The infected attachments are Excel documents with nasty TrickBot macros.  If Trickbot gets onto a computer, it will collect information about you.  Trickbot can also redirect users to fake banking login pages to get your account details.

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