Updates for Japanese Era support in Excel

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Microsoft continues to struggle with their support for Japanese Era date format in Excel.

The new Imperial Era, ‘Reiwa’ is known but the necessary changes for Excel aren’t released yet.

New Japanese Imperial Era changes in Excel and Office explains how to add the new Reiwa era without waiting for Microsoft’s patch.

Meantime, yet more patches are rolling out to fix Imperial Era related bugs or to prepare software for the change.

Overall, it means anyone with Excel 2010 or later should make sure they are up to date with patches before installing the upcoming Reiwa Era update.

Just in April 2019 there are these Japanese Imperial Era related patches.  These only apply to the .MSI installs of Office 2016/2013/2010 not the Click to Run version of Office 2016.

Update: Microsoft’s Japanese Imperial Era updates and new feature

Japanese Gannen and Ichinen date support in Excel, Office and Windows

Excel 2016


” If a file has multiple cells with Japanese era dates, Excel 2016 may crash when the file opens. “

Excel 2010

KB4452200  and KB4462203 are a minor Microsoft documentation mystery.  Both articles have the same description, apply to the same Excel versions and have the same prerequisites!  They appear to be duplicates except for the KB reference numbers?  If they _are_ different patches, why not combine them into a single download?

” This update enables the new Japanese era information that is defined in the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet \Control\Nls\Calendars\Japanese\Eras registry key to display in the 32-bit of Excel 2013 when the new era information is available.”

Outlook 2010


” This update fixes an issue that causes users of the Japanese era data format to see a hang in Outlook 2010 when they create a meeting during a month that the era is changing. “

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