Slack gets better Office 365 and OneDrive support

Slack, the popular collaboration service, has added better integration with Office 365 hosting and OneDrive.

Office 365 tools were inevitable because Microsoft now has Teams, its own rival to Slack.  There are two new tools, Outlook email and calendar plus nice previews of Microsoft Office documents.

Office document preview

Now included in Slack is better preview of Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents.  Look through entire docs, workbooks or presentations within Slack.

Source: Slack

Outlook email app

Slack has an app in the Microsoft Office plugin store which works with Outlook mail stores hosted by Microsoft or a recent release of Exchange Server 2016.

The plug-in adds a button to emails, near the Reply and Forward buttons which lets you forward the email into a Slack channel and conversation.

Source: Slack

Email attachments can be included as well as text notes.

The same features are available for Gmail.

Outlook Calendar app

Connects an Office 365 hosted Outlook calendar with Slack.

Source: Slack

  • Slack online status can be updated based on your calendar.
  • Respond to event notifications and changes.
  • Skype, Zoom, or WebEx video calls can be joined from an event reminder.

Source: Slack

OneDrive and SharePoint

There’s also a OneDrive/SharePoint app which allows files on those cloud services to be linked and searchable within Slack.

Source: Slack

Paste link or select a OneDrive file from the + plus icon to the left of the message field.
Imported files stay in the OneDrive account, but are searchable and shareable within Slack.
OneDrive and SharePoint files stay in sync, Slack will check for changes.

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