Important Outlook 2016 and Access 2016 update / bug fix

Among the usual grab bag of non-security updates this month is an important Access 2016 update and bug fix for Outlook 2016

This patch only applies to Office 2016 with a stand-alone .msi installed – NOT Click to Run installs.

It’s a single patch KB4462214 that applies to both Outlook 2016 and Access 2016.

Access 2016

The patch adds a VBA code block when Access detects code that was sourced from the Internet.

We were surprised to see that feature added now, three years after Office 2016 came out.  Similar code protections have been in Word, Excel and Powerpoint for many years, why did it take Access so long?

Outlook 2016

The upcoming change of Japanese Imperial Eras continues to cause trouble for Microsoft Office.

A combination of three patches KB4462214 , KB 4032231 and KB 4462196 fixes an Outlook 2016 bug which hangs the program when a meeting is created during the Era changeover month.

Microsoft has been rolling out many patches for this issue. Changes of Imperial Era seem not to have been anticipated in Office development or perhaps the abdication (with unusual advance notice of the era change) is causing more trouble than customers might think.

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