New Office icons start appearing … yawn

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Updated Microsoft Office 365 icons have started appearing in the preview ‘fast track’ Office 365 for Windows and we could not be more excited.

No … not really.

When it comes to changed Office icons; if we were more apathetic, we’d be in a coma.

Office 365 icons for Word, Outlook, Excel and PowerPoint on the Windows 10 taskbar

Microsoft loves updating the look of Office because it’s a cheap way to give the illusion of change and difference in a product without doing much. See New Icons for Office 365

Microsoft announced the new look icons back in December but are not showing up in preview Office 365 releases.

You’ll see these icons appearing in the various Office 365 versions (Windows, Mac, Apple, Android) over the coming months.

For the sake of your health and that of your family, please try to contain your excitement <g>

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