Office Twins Challenge is a shameless, annoying crock

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Even by Microsoft’s standards, The Office Twins Challenge is a self-serving and annoying crock which treats customers like fools.

Office 2019 ad to discourage buying it

It’s not often (ever?) that a company doesn’t want to sell a product, but that’s what Microsoft is doing with their latest Microsoft Office ad. Office 2019 is the latest release of MS Office but Microsoft would prefer not to sell a single copy.

office twins challenge is a shameless annoying crock microsoft office 26194 - Office Twins Challenge is a shameless, annoying crock has talked about Microsoft’s dislike of selling Office 2019 since early 2018 but many of the reports on the latest ad show surprise at the idea.

What’s the difference between Office 2019 and Office 365? Aren’t they the same?

The oldest trick in the book is to put up a ‘straw man’, an extreme statement put up because it’s so easy to dispute.

We’re supposed to believe that ” a lot ” of people ask:

“What’s the difference between Office 2019 and Office 365? Aren’t they the same?”

At, as you’d expect, we too get a lot of questions about Office 2019.  No-one has ever suggested that Office 2019 and Office 365 were the same thing.  It stretches credibility that would be a common question.

People often ask about the differences between Office 2019 and Office 365 but few would think they’re the same … if only because they have different names!

Why bother getting Office 2019?

The more common question is

“Why bother getting Office 2019 when I have Office 2016 or Office 2013?”

Which is hard for Microsoft to answer and just one reason why they push the Office 365 annual payment option so hard.

Microsoft’s insult to Office 2019 customers

The Twins Challenge belittles and demeans a large group of loyal Office customers whose only fault is not submitting to Microsoft’s latest money grab. The ad shows how out-of-touch Microsoft is to a significant part of their customer base.

It also ignores the benefits of Office 2019.  Office 2019 is stable software with a fixed set of features.  Microsoft doesn’t understand that many Office users like so-called ‘frozen’ software with no updates for new features.   They prefer to work from stable software with abilities they are familiar with.

They also prefer to pay once for Office instead of paying an annual rate that could change at any time (both price and features).

People like ‘frozen’ software

Updates and changes to Office aren’t the absolute good that Microsoft thinks they are.

What Microsoft considers a downside to Office 2019 “No new or changed features” is for many a big tick in FAVOR of the perpetual licence Office.

Customers aren’t stupid, they understand that so-called ‘subscriptions’ can be a trap.  Annual rental of software (we have email from customers calling Office 365 ‘tribute’ or ‘Danegeld’ to Microsoft).

If Microsoft really wants to kill perpetual-licence Office they’d offer Office 2019 software as an install option within an Office 365 plan. Careful Office customers could choose Office 2019 to install instead of the roller-coaster of regular, sometimes buggy, updates.

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