You’d better hurry if you want discounted Office 2019 for $15

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The current Home Use Program with Office 2019 sold for a mere $15 is about to end.  If you want the perpetual licence Office 2019 for Windows or Mac, you’d better hurry.

The full impact of the changed Office Home Use Program (HUP) is becoming clear. We’ve already noted that Office 365 subscriptions are becoming available at good discounts.

What’s buried in the fine print is that the current $15 Office 2019 for Windows or Mac is being cancelled.  The Home Use Program is becoming an annual payment/Office 365 only offer.

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There’s still time to get $15 Office 2019

That’s the bad news, the good news is that the HUP change to Office 365 is being gradually implemented across the world.

Depending on where you are, the current Office 2019 Home Use Program deal may still be available.  It it is, you’d better hurry to get it.

Try going to, enter your work email address and see if you’re allowed to get Office 2019.

The above image of the HUP page was taken on the morning of 14 Feb 2019.  At that time it appears that HUP for Canada has switched to Office 365 only but users in the US, UK and elsewhere can still get Office 2019.

Our advice: If you want Office 2019 and qualify, don’t delay.  This situation might last days or even hours.

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