OneNote 2016 for Windows gets dark mode

The first sign that OneNote 2016 is back from a slow death is the announcement of the first new feature in well over a year.  OneNote 2016 is getting a Dark Mode just like the Mac and Apple apps.

OneNote dark mode will be an option in OneNote 2016 for Windows but only for Office 365 subscribers and Office 2019 consumer (non-volume licence) users.

OneNote 2016 Dark Mode

Source: Microsoft

Why are Office 2019 volume licence users excluded?    Who knows?

Turn on OneNote Dark Mode

OneNote has a Dark Mode or Theme option in Windows program, Windows app, Mac and app for iPhone/iPad.

OneNote 2016 for Windows

You need version 16.0.12130 or later which is being rolled out between now and the end of 2019.  Go to File | Account | Update options to force an update.

To get Dark Mode go to File | Options | General | Office Themes, choose Black.

This will change the theme setting for ALL Office desktop programs – Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.

OneNote app for Windows 10

In the app go to top right Settings and More | Settings | Options | Color … there are Light or Dark options plus “Use my Windows Mode” to inherit the Windows setting.

Mac, iPad and iPhone

For the Apple products, OneNote inherits the system setting. For example go to Settings | Display and Brightness | Appearance to choose Dark for the device, including OneNote.

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