Excel eats Cake

The Excel team has joined the current ‘Cake’ meme with a new Cake() function in Excel.  Hilarity ensues …

Source: Twitter

Ho ho, very funny, it is to laugh.  Most people took the message in good spirit with one person implementing it in VBA

That code really works.  ChrW() returns the character with that Unicode value, in this case for cake emoji.

An Excel insider found the upcoming Expanded Linked Data Types include Cake and Cheesecake but can mistake food for a band.

Some dismissed the whole thing …  “This is just #cakenews” <g>.

Other Excel stalwarts took the opportunity to remind the Excel team of important jobs left undone.

The Office Watch view

Microsoft could be dangerously harming the health of millions with the Cake() function. Type II diabetes is a serious problem and no joke, adding Cake() to Excel can only exacerbate just one global health crisis.

But a Coffee() function … we’d happily use that <g>.  Make it an array formula for bulk caffeine from a single cell.

We don’t mind these little jokes from Microsoft.  They don’t happen often enough.  Early Office program contained fun Easter Eggs with animations and a list of the smart people who worked on the application. Sadly, Microsoft management stopped these bits of fun.

The Cake meme?

It’s a new thing on social media. Videos of objects that are revealed to be cake. CN Traveller has a selection of Cake videos.

It’s amazing what can be done by a cake artisan.  It’s a long way from the chocolate cake with cream treats my mum used to make.  A local bakery in Herne Hill, London did this a few months ago when toilet paper was in short supply … cheeky.

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