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London virtual backgrounds for all

Transport for London knows some of us are missing our bus and tube journeys so they’ve made some virtual backgrounds you can use on Zoom, Teams or anywhere else that supports it.  Or use as a background on a PowerPoint slide.

Go to

There’s ‘Sit in collection’, pretend you’re on a bus, train or the ‘air line’ aka cable car.

Vintage collection has some lovely old black and white images of London.

Background collection has some other shots.

Click on any of the images then move left/right through that collection.

Downloading London Transport backgrounds

On any of the images, right-click in your browser and choose ‘Save Image as …’ or equivalent.

Or click on the tiny ‘View Full Size’ option at bottom right, then save that image.  Both downloads are the same image file and resolution.

Once the images are saved on your computer, use them in Zoom, Teams, PowerPoint or anywhere else you like.

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