Easy way to change page size and margins in OneNote

OneNote lets you change the size of the paper page, including adjusting the margin size of your notes from the default ‘Auto’ to a fixed size like ‘Letter’ or ‘A4’ among many.

Although OneNote has a ‘default setting’ when it comes to paper size, you can adjust this using this feature, plus, it’s easy to do and won’t take you very long to change. 

This might be important if you’re needing to print out your notes. You may want to adjust the size and margins depending on your content to make sure it all fits within the one page.   

Change Paper Size

Select the View Tab | Page Setup | Page Size  

The Page Size pane will appear on the right-hand side of the screen.  Under Size, the drop-own box will already be set to Auto, or OneNote’s default setting for the Paper Size. 

Select the drop-down arrow and choose your preferred Paper Size from the list. Select between Portrait or Landscape under Orientation, and even further adjust the Width or Height of the paper.  

We’ve selected A6 as an example, but you’ll need to manually adjust your work to fit the paper size, it’s not an automated thing. By changing to a smaller page size the text and images still remain outside of the page. OneNote will only automatically adjust the dimensions for the paper size and print margins. 

Change Print Margins

Under the Print margins section, you can amend the top, bottom, left and right margins to your preference. Unlike Word, OneNote won’t have custom margins to choose from such as Normal, Narrow, Moderate etc., but you could always follow the same dimensions.  

Save as a template

Happy with your customized paper size and print margins? OneNote offers the ability to save the current page dimensions and margins as a template. Just add a template name and select Save. You can even tick the box if you want it to be the default template for new pages within the current section. That way, anytime you create a new page it will automatically apply the paper size and print margins of your template.  

Once you’re done, simply select the cross in the top right corner to remove the Paper Size pane.  

For future reference, your page template will be saved under Insert | Pages | Page Templates | My Templates 

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