Track Changes updates for Word on the web

Track Changes in Word on the web has changed so that accept or reject an edit appears right next to the text.

The Track Changes feature allows users to gain feedback from others working on the same document. Microsoft has recently introduced a new feature, cards that pop-up to allow the user to preview any tracked changes more easily in Word for the web before accepting or rejecting the amendments. 

How to track changes

In Editing or Reviewing mode, click any tracked change in your document, the card like below will pop up with the suggested changes.

Source: Microsoft

Next, just hover your mouse over the Accept or Reject buttons to see a sample of how that action will affect your final document. Then select Accept or Reject the suggestion, based on your preference.

Here is an example of the text as it would appear if the changes were made.

Source: Microsoft

Here is an example of the text as it would appear if the changes were rejected.

Source: Microsoft

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