How to Force a Page Break through Styles Setting in Word

There’s another way you can force a page break before a paragraph in Microsoft Word. By setting this up, the page breaks can automatically appear without you having to worry. This is particularly useful if you have long documents with several different headings. Just simply modify the style to include the page break before.

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For example, use Heading 1 to title each subject which requires a new page. To avoid adding in manual page breaks, we can then modify Heading 1 to incorporate a page break with each use, a lot easier then going through and doing this manually.

Firstly, ensure that you are in the Home Tab, where the headings are displayed in the Styles group.   

Right click Heading 1 | Select Modify

If Headings 1 is not within the Style’s Group, simply click on the Style Settings launcher in the bottom right corner, right click Heading 1 from the list and select Modify.

Select Format drop down box in the bottom left corner | Paragraph

Select the Line and Page Breaks Tab |Tick Page break before | OK

Now each time that you use Heading 1 – Word will automatically apply a page break and start on a new page.  

To remove the page break, simply delete the header. If you no longer wish to create page breaks, just go back to the Heading 1 setting, and untick Page break before.

Set as Default

You can apply this to many different headings. If you’re interested in having this set automatically, you can set the Page break before as default to the Heading and choose between the document you’re working on only, or all documents based on the template in the Modify style settings.

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