About the Word's Visible and Invisible Page Breaks

There are many different ways to insert a page break into a Word document, some are visible and others invisible even with Show All turned on,

Luckily, Word has a straightforward way of doing this with a manual or separate Page Break. It’s also possible to associate a page break with the paragraph, which is a lot easier manage page breaks but they are somewhat invisible and it’s not obvious why the page break is there. 

Manual Page Break 

A fixed or manual page break is obvious.  Add one from Layout | Page Setup | Breaks | Page or just type Ctrl + Enter. 

With Show All on, a manual Page Break line appears  

Page Break Before 

A Page Break can also be done as a setting within a paragraph. Right-click inside your preferred paragraph and select Paragraph… 

Pagination | Tick Page break before | OK 

We selected the second paragraph, it created the page break before and placed the paragraph on a new page.  

Once you hit enter after the paragraph, it will place your new text on a new page.  

If you no longer wish to create page breaks, just go back to Paragraph settings, and untick Page break before.  

What’s the difference? 

Hang on, I hear you cry … a page break can be created by pressing Ctrl + Enter or Layout | Breaks | Page.  What’s the difference between a manual page break and a ‘Page break before’ in the paragraph settings. 

Both add a page break, the difference is how the breaks are linked or positioned in the document. 

A manual page break shows up in some views (like Draft or with Show all on) and is separate from any paragraphs before or after. A manual page break exists between paragraphs. 

‘Page break before’ is part of the paragraph and moves with it.  If you copy/move the paragraph the page break will carry along with it. 

Set as Default 

Love this feature? If you’re interested in having this set automatically, you can set the Page break before as default and choose between the document only, or all documents based on the Normal template.  

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