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New Outlook and Microsoft 365 Widgets in Windows 11

The new Widgets pane in Windows 11 has three widgets for Outlook and Microsoft 365 users.  Calendar, To Do and one only for Enterprise users.

Widgets are a pop-up window of configurable small panes.  The selection of widgets is quite limited, at least for now; Weather, Traffic, Stocks, Sports, Entertainment etc.  A web search option, to Bing, naturally and a compulsory News section.

If that sounds like we’re UNDERwhelmed with Windows 11, you’d be right. We’ve been using Win11 for some time and can’t see any compelling reason to change from Windows 10. The interface has been dumbed down (sorry ‘simplified’) meaning that options for more experienced users have been removed. The main purpose of Windows 11 seems to be pushing Microsoft’s corporate needs, not bettering the work and lives of their customers.

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Outlook Calendar

It’s called ‘Outlook’ Calendar but that does NOT mean Outlook for Windows. 

This widget only works with Microsoft hosted mailboxes via Microsoft 365 or

To Do

Links to the To Do app and online service.

Microsoft 365 Widget

New in the latest Windows 11 build is a Microsoft 365 Widget for Enterprise customers.

Source: Microsoft

The widget shows what Microsoft’s system thinks are appropriate  documents, news and meeting recordings with other elements promised

It’s only available to Enterprise customers logged into an AAD account on a Windows 11 computer.

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