Office LTSC, first look images

Here’s a first peek at Office LTSC for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, Publisher and OneNote which is now out in public preview showing off some of the new features.

Office LTSC in it’s current preview is underwhelming, to put it mildly. But that’s what Microsoft is aiming for. Office LTSC (Long Term Servicing Channel) for volume customers is a non-subscription, perpetual licence release that Microsoft is grudgingly selling.  They’d much prefer customers get on the subscription treadmill.

It’s hard to tell the difference between Office 2019 and Office LTSC, at least in its current public preview form.

Microsoft will probably add more features to Office LTSC (and the related Office 2021) as the preview continues.  Like Office 2019, Office LTSC/2021 won’t have any cloud-based features like PowerPoint Designer or Linked Data Types in Excel.


Dark Mode

Office LTSC Preview – Word LTSC with Dark Mode on.

Line Focus

One of the few announced new features in Office LTSC is Line Focus in Word’s Immersive Reader.

Excel LTSC

A truly useful addition to Office LTSC and Office 2021 is Dynamic Arrays in Excel. All the functions are present; Sort(), SortBy(), Filter(), Unique() and RandArray().

Office LTSC Preview – Excel LTSC showing Dynamic Arrays, one of the included features.


XLOOKUP() is another useful Excel feature making it’s way to Office LTSC/2021.  Heaps easier than Vlookup()/Hlookup()

PowerPoint LTSC

Outlook LTSC

Outlook LTSC defaults to the limited and, in our view, loathsome new-look Outlook ribbon.  Happily the full-featured, not crippled, ‘classic’ ribbon is still available from the menu at far right.

Access LTSC

Publisher LTSC

OneNote LTSC (sort of)

OneNote in Office LTSC is the same as in Office 2019.  That’s not our opinion, Microsoft openly admits it!

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