How to find more Cartoon People in Office 365

Here’s a better look at more Cartoon People graphics in Microsoft Office 365. Check out the main categories, how to search Cartoon People and some useful search terms.

This article looks at the people graphics available under the ‘Cartoon People’ section with many examples to give you a better idea of what’s possible. 

We have a separate look at the Cartoon People objects, scenes and other non-human graphics.

Reminder: Office 365 Stock Content also has ‘Cutout People’ which are pictures of people ready for use in documents and slides.

Cartoon People categories and searches

Like other Stock Content, there are categories across the top. They are just preset search terms. Click on a heading adds that to the search box.

You’re not limited to the preset searches. We’ll suggest some search terms though Microsoft makes finding graphics harder by hiding the keywords used for each graphic.


Characters are fully drawn people that are quickly added to a document or slide.

Female or Male?

Narrow down the search by adding terms like male, female, men, women

Some of the search keywords need a little work. Looking for “Characters Girl” brings up some definitely unladylike options like a bearded man with a caftan (bottom right)

Half Characters

Half Characters means ‘Head and Body’ or ‘Head and Torso’.  Like “Characters” they can be dropped into a document or slide with no extra work.

Full Body

This is the start of the ‘mix and match’ options, a complete body without a head (add separately, see below).  Many of them are components used in the full and upper body graphics.


Looking for an action graphic?  Search for “Gesturing”


Or more specifically “Pointing”


There are two full baby bodies.  Search for “Baby” reveals them plus some blank heads.

Upper Body

Upper Body means ‘no head’ and ‘nothing below the waist’.


Add a Head to the Upper Body


And finish off with a Face to put on the Head


Hats even a Fez, Bows, Glasses, Moustache, Beard, Pearl Necklaces, Pendant, Pipe (no cigarette or vaping)


Not just the usual wheelchair and ‘white cane’ graphics. There’s a few walking frames too.

Artificial Limbs

Search for “Limb” to see many folks with replacement arms or legs.


For us oldies. Two of the heads (top row on right) are also tagged as ‘Baby’.


A mix of full and half characters.


Education related people and objects.

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