Cartoons without People you can add with Office 365

It’s called Cartoon People in Office 365 but there are plenty of non-human graphics available to use either on their own or as part of a combined graphic.

See also How to find more Cartoon People in Office 365 to see the human side of this feature for Word 365, Excel 365, PowerPoint 365 and Outlook 365.


A notable omission from Icons for the last (almost) two years has been a good selection of mask graphics. Cartoon People, at last, has some SVG masks.


Search for ‘signs’ to see many signs plus two versions of the ‘No’ symbol already available as an icon and shape symbol. Warning triangle.  ‘Hand held’ sign.  Callouts with arrow. Thought or Cloud balloon.


A very similar category is “Shape”

8 simple ‘Prohibited’ symbols for smoking, phones, kids and more in Word

Make a ‘Stop’ circle / diagonal symbol in Word, Excel & PowerPoint

Customized Don’t / Not Allowed symbols for Word, Excel and PowerPoint

Copy Space

Looking for a graphic to drop some text into? Search for ‘Copy Space’

There are two ways to insert text into a ‘Copy Space’ graphic.

  • Add a Text Box over the graphic.


  • Use Convert to Shape make the graphic into an Office object. Then there’ll be a text box available in the appropriate space.


Seventeen different backgrounds for a slide or toon you want to make. Office, Schoolroom, Playground, Park, City Skyline, Suburbia, Outer Space and a nice little Japanese Rock Garden


Under ‘Decorations’ there’s a real jumble of toon elements.  Banners (add your own text), laptops, grass, pot plants.


Shows all the gadgets, laptops etc. available either on its own or with a person.


This category is a mix of some Scenes plus some appropriate accessories.


Naturally, there’s a complementary keyword ‘Outdoor’.