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Change default slide number in PowerPoint

How to change the PowerPoint slide numbering to a different start number.

In PowerPoint, slides are numbered by default from 1 but that’s not always what you need.

For example, you’re working on some slides which are just part of a set of slides eg. working on slides from number 15 to 20 separately.

To change the default slide number open PowerPoint to Design | Slide Size | Custom Slide Size. In earlier PowerPoint’s like 2010 or 2007, click on Design | Page Setup | Page Setup. Either way the dialog box is the same.

Was called ‘Page Setup’ now labelled ‘Slide Setup’ with the same options.

In the Slide Setup window that pops open, in “Number slides from” enter a number from where you want the slide number to begin. After entering the number click on OK button. The default slide number will change from 1 to the number you entered and the counting will begin from that particular number onwards.

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