Dictate voice commands in Office - the full, searchable list

Here’s the full and searchable list of Word 365 Dictation special phrases, in English. Saying any of these phrases converts the words spoken into the symbol or does a Word command.

For example, say “Full Stop” and . appears in the document. Say “Dollar sign” and get $ .

Say ‘Align Center’ and the current paragraph is centered. Say ‘Indent’ to indent the paragraph or ‘Decrease Indent’ to reduce indentation.

Say “New Paragraph” or “New Line” and Word will create a new paragraph.

The list includes punctuation, general symbols, maths symbols, currency signs and text emoji plus all the voice commands.

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Dictation and Read Aloud in Office
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Dictation command list

  • Use the Search box at right to find symbols by name.
  • Find commands by name, Undo, Delete, List etc.
  • Voice commands by type: formatting, editing, list, comment or dictation.
  • Click column headings to sort.
Say this ...Get this ...TypeComments
Full stop
Question mark?Punctuation
Exclamation Mark

Exclamation Point
New line
New Paragraph
New line (Enter)Punctuation / Command
Apostrophe S'sPunctuationadds  's after the last word.  Saying "Peter apostrophe s"
types  Peter's
Open quotes"Punctuation
Close quotes"Punctuation
M-dashPunctuationEm dash
N-dashPunctuationEn dash
Begin single quote

Open single quote
End single quote

Close single quote

Left parentheses

Open parentheses
(PunctuationFor some English speakers, the brackets/parentheses commands
might take some getting used to. In Australia, for one,
'parentheses' is rarely used in favour of the term 'brackets' You'll have to adjust your vocabulary to fit Microsoft's definitions.
Right parentheses

Close parentheses
Left bracket

Open bracket
Right bracket

Close bracket
Left brace

Open brace
{ Punctuation
Right brace
Close brace
Forward slash/Punctuation
Vertical bar sign
Pipe character
Paragraph sign
Paragraph mark
Section sign§Punctuation

And sign
At sign@Punctuation
Copyright sign©Punctuation
Registered sign®Punctuation
Caret symbol^Symbol 

dot dot dot
...PunctuationNOT a real ellipsis, just three dots in a row (similar but not the same).
Degree sign°Symbol
Percent sign%Symbol
Number sign
Pound sign
Plus sign+Mathematics
Minus Sign-Mathematics
Multiplication signxMathematics
Plus or minus sign±Mathematics
Division sign÷Mathematics
Equal sign=Mathematics
Less than sign

Left angle bracket
Greater than sign

Right angle bracket
Dollar sign$Currency Symbol
Pound sterling sign£Currency Symbol
Euro signCurrency Symbol
Yen sign¥Currency Symbol
Smiley face : - )EmojiRemains as text, not converted to full emoji
Frowny face : - (EmojiRemains as text, not converted to full emoji
Winky face ; - )EmojiRemains as text, not converted to full emoji
Heart emoji<3EmojiRemains as text, not converted to full emoji
Undo Editing Command 
Delete Editing Command'Delete' alone removes the last word, punctuation or symbol at
the cursor.
Delete that Editing CommandRemoves the last spoken phrase
Delete last  n  words Editing CommandRemove the last n words back from the current cursor.  n
can be from 1 to 100 words.
Delete last  n  sentences Editing CommandRemove the last n sentences back from the current cursor.  n
can be from 1 to 100 sentences.
Delete "  "  (word or phrase) Editing CommandDeletes the spoken word or phrase from recently spoken text.
Insert Space Punctuation / Editing CommandAdd a normal (breaking) space
Backspace Editing CommandDeletes last word
Backspace n Editing CommandDeletes the last n characters.
Bold Formatting Command 
Italics Formatting Command 
Underline Formatting Command 
Strikethrough Formatting Command 
<format*> [word or phrase] Formatting Command 
Superscript Formatting Command 
Subscript Formatting Command 
Indent Formatting Command 
Decrease Indent Formatting Command 
Clear all formatting Formatting Command 
Align Left Formatting Command 
Align Right Formatting Command 
Align Center / Centre Formatting Command 
Start List List Commandcommence a bulleted, unnumbered list.
Start Numbered List List Commandcommence a numbered list.
Next Line List CommandAdd a new point / number to the list.
Exit List List CommandReturn to normal, non-list text.
Add Comment Comment CommandInserts a comment at the cursor, ready for typing
Add Comment .... Comment CommandInserts a comment with the words spoken immediately after the
two command words.
Show Help Dictation CommandDisplay help pane open at Dictation items
Pause Dictation Dictation CommandPauses dictation / microphone. To resume click the microphone
icon or use the shortcut  Alt + ` (grave accent sign,
often below the ~ at top left of a US keyboard).
Exit Dictation Dictation CommandSame as clicking the microphone icon.

Turn talk into text in Word 365 for Windows
Read Aloud in Word for Mac
Dictation and Read Aloud in Office

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