Money template – end of support 

Microsoft will be removing Excel’s Money template from Microsoft 365 Personal and Family subscriptions on June 30, 2023. Here’s details on what’s happening to your data and an alternative with a free trial.

Ending the Money template is just one of three features being dropped from Microsoft 365 in mid-2023.

You’ll no longer receive updates to your transactions or get new transactions; plus, you won’t be able to connect to a new financial account, or existing account.

You can still keep all your data in your Excel workbook after the end date, but you’ll need to be careful after this time, and keep the data safe and saved. Microsoft won’t have access to the data so restoring it won’t be possible.

Introducing Tiller

Tiller is similar to Money in Excel. You can import transactions from your financial accounts into your Excel workbooks and customize the transaction categories. Data is protected using 256-bit AES encryption.

Other features include daily emails displaying account balances and transactions, support of up to five automated workbooks, a Foundation Template and US-based customer support.

The Foundation template allows you to track your expenses, net worth and budgets. They also provide a webinar to transition your Money in Excel data into the template.

Source: Tiller

But, if you’re interested in Tiller, it is a paid service.

There is currently a 60-day free trial offer available (further details here), however, it’s available for US residents only.

Users will need to provide a credit card to sign up, the card won’t get charged until the trial ends and you can cancel the trial at any time without charge.

Otherwise, Tiller advertises the service as a flat fee of US$ 79.00 a year.

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