Do it while you can, a personal email address with

For a limited time, you can setup your own personal email address with your own domain name, using

The personalized email address feature means that you can have your own email address, such as  [email protected] or  J[email protected] using the system as your mailbox.

This personal email feature of has been around for years and but Microsoft has announced that it’s closing to new users from November 2023.

As usual, what looks like a nifty feature is more complicated and difficult once you get into the details. The feature is quite different depending on the type of Microsoft 365 plan you have.

What you need to get a personal email address

There are a few things you need …

  • An account, which is free
  • Microsoft 365 Family or Personal plan linked to the address.
    • “Linked to” is VITAL.
  • A domain name you own
    • The domain must be registered through Either buy a new domain through GoDaddy or transfer an existing domain to GoDaddy.
    • The domain can only be linked to a single mailbox and email alias unless you’re sharing via a Microsoft 365 Family plan, see the ‘major limitation’ below.

Microsoft 365 Personal

If you have a Microsoft 365 Personal plan you can use any domain name you own.

Microsoft 365 Family

Access to personal email addresses is controlled by the Microsoft 365 plan owner who must setup a domain and link it to his/her account.

Others sharing the Family plan can then link their account to a personal email address in the same domain.

The Microsoft 365 Family plan owner must use an address as the main Microsoft account. Same goes for anyone sharing the Family plan.

How to setup in

Once you have a domain name registered with, go to premium feature settings in your account, look for “Personalized email address” then follow the steps.

Once a Microsoft 365 plan owner has setup their own personal email address, others sharing the plan will see the “Personalized email address” option in their settings.  However they are limited to the domain name used by the plan owner.

One major limitation 365 personalized email address has one major limitation … you’re limited to a single email address for the domain. Except with Microsoft 365 Family plans and even then, you’re limited to using email mailboxes with people sharing the plan.

That’s because Microsoft’s has management control of the entire domain for email purposes.

Most domain names have more than one mailbox (a family domain might have [email protected] and [email protected] ) or several aliases that forward to other mailboxes ( sales@… support@… help@ …. ).

NEITHER of these options are available with . 

Aliases aren’t possible with a domain controlled by

Originally, the personal domain option required purchase of a domain name via Microsoft with limited options for managing the domain.  That’s changed and now the domain ownership is direct to the owner via as registrar.  It means you can control the domain fully, including moving the email hosting elsewhere and more easily setting up web hosting.

Better options with more control

If the personal email address feature seems too limited (you’re not alone) there are better options.

Once you have your own domain there are many things possible, either a domain for yourself or for a family.

A domain name for a family can setup email aliases for each person, for [email protected] [email protected] etc.   The family member can have their mailbox on any service they like (, Gmail etc) with the ability to move to another mail host whenever they like.

If you want better email control, a Microsoft 365 Business Basic plan is one choice. It gives world-class email hosting similar to but with full control of the email aliases. We know plenty of individuals and couples who use Business Basic for email hosting @ about US$72 a year.

There are other Business Basic bonuses, like 1TB of OneDrive and full Teams access.

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