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Office 2013 countdown has begun ... but don't panic

There’s only a year of Office 2013 support left but don’t panic.  Despite what you might have read in some clickbait headlines, Office 2013 is not ‘ending’.

Support for Office 2013 ends on 11 April 2023

That does NOT mean Office 2013 will stop working on that date. Talk about Office software ‘end of life’ is misleading.

It does mean there’ll be no more updates to fix security bugs in Office 2013 software after mid-April 2023.

Without security updates, there’s a gradually increasing risk of a computer virus infecting your machine via an Office document.  Hackers like to take advantage of newer security holes in Windows or Office to access computers.

If you have Office 2013, keep in mind the April 2023 change.

Moving from Office 2013 may be more complicated than just switching to newer Office software because modern Office requires a newer version of Windows too.  And the newer Windows needs better hardware (more memory, faster CPU, more disk space etc.).  As a result, changing from old Office software may well mean it’s time to get a new computer.

Office 2016 support ending

After Office 2013, the next Microsoft Office to ‘end’ in Office 2016 which stops extended support on 14 October 2025 – more than three years away.

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