OneDrive gets a new look in Windows with one (tiny) new feature

The OneDrive app for Windows 11 and 10 now has a new look that makes settings a little easier to manage. The change also includes one, tiny, new feature.

The change is to the Settings menu which now looks like the modern Windows settings panes.

That means there’s more room for explanation of settings than before.

Get to OneDrive settings from the taskbar icon then click the Cog icon at top right, above the list of recently synced files.

OneDrive Notifications

The Notifications pane lets you control the OneNote messages.

Personally, I turn off the “On this day” memories option which some people might find cute, but I think it’s just another intrusion.

Dark Mode arrives

The tiny new feature is Dark Mode in OneDrive for Windows, as you can see in the images above.

There’s no specific light/dark mode switch.  It’s controlled by the overall Windows setting at Personalization | Colors | Choose your mode.

If your OneDrive doesn’t show the new Settings panes, just be patient. Update to OneDrive for Windows are pushed out to computers on some hidden schedule understood only by Microsoft. OneDrive updates are not part of the standard Windows Update nor Office Updating. attachments to OneDrive: unanswered questions
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