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PowerPoint gets a Portrait mode for iPhone and iPad

PowerPoint is getting a Portrait or vertical orientation option for PowerPoint mobile on Apple iPhone and iPad.  Portrait mode is already in PowerPoint desktop (Windows/Mac) though it’s hidden.

Portrait mode for slides and videos is quite common these days (TikTok and similar are all portrait) even though it offends purists like your humble correspondent.

Design menu, Orientation

It’s on the Design tab under a new Orientation button, next to Slide Size. On an iPad, like this.

Source: Microsoft

Also on the Design menu for PowerPoint on an iPhone

Source: Microsoft plus our cropping and highlighting.

The slide changes to “narrower than it is wider” in PowerPoint mobile for iPad.

Source: Microsoft

And PowerPoint mobile for iPhone.

Source: Microsoft

It works for both new and existing slide decks, though changing an existing slide from landscape to portrait (or vice-versa) will probably need a lot of adjustments.

Portrait mode already in PowerPoint desktop

Portrait mode has been in PowerPoint desktop (Windows or Mac) for some time, though you’re forgiven for not realizing that.

Slide Orientation options are on the Design tab, under Slide Size there’s a Customize or Page Setup option.

That has a wide range of pre-set slide sizes including Letter/Legal/A3/A4 plus Orientation options for either slides or notes/handouts/outlines.

Who gets it?

For now, the Orientation option is available some Office Insiders running PowerPoint mobile v2.68 build 22112003 or later. It will gradually rollout to more Insiders and then the public versions.

Get Portrait mode now

In the meantime, open and setup Portrait orientation on PowerPoint for Windows/Mac, save the .PPTX file then open the deck in PowerPoint for iPhone/iPad.

PowerPoint mobile will support portrait mode slides already, what’s changing is the ability to switch orientations within the mobile app.
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