Price rises for Microsoft 365 Business customers

Microsoft 365 Business and Business Premium customers are getting hit with 10-20% price rises. There are a few things you can do to reduce your Microsoft bill, but not a lot.

The price of Microsoft 365 Business and Business Premium rose in March 2022.  As the renewal time gets close, Microsoft will send an email advising about the upcoming charge and price rise.

Business Basic is now US$72 a year was $60  – a 20% increase
In short a Microsoft hosted mailbox plus other cloud services.

Business Premium is US$264 a year was $240 – up 10%
‘Premium’ is essentially the Basic package plus a Microsoft Office software licence.

Microsoft loves to downplay these price increases by quoting them as monthly charges, even though they normally charge annually.

Check the payment method

Check the credit/debit card details used for the renewal.  Plenty of annual renewals are blocked because either the card number has changed or expiry date needs updating.

Do you need all the Business plans?

Before Microsoft automatically renews Business plans, look over how many licences you have and whether they are all appropriate.

We’ve seen many small and medium-sized businesses that just let their Microsoft plans renew without questioning if they are all needed.

Maybe some staff have left.  Their email address could be directed to someone else and their mailbox with Microsoft 365 licence closed.

Or staff are now working from home all the time and using their own computer.   Maybe switch them from Business Premium (which includes an Office software license) to Business Basic (essentially mailbox only).  The WFH staff probably have a Microsoft 365 Personal or Family license already.

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