Resize Embedded Content in OneNote Web

Microsoft has recently added the ability to resize Embed content within OneNote Web. It was already available for the Desktop versions, but now it has been introduced to the OneNote browser based version too.

Simply by inserting, pasting, or linking content right in your notes, you can embed a variety of different content such as videos, audio clips, documents and more.

Once inserted, you can easily resize the content to suit the note page (why this wasn’t a feature before!).

To resize just grab and drag one of the corners to make the content window as large or small as you like.

OneNote embed from specific sites and services only

OneNote will only support embedding content from specific sites and services. At the time of writing, this includes:

How to add into OneNote Web

It’s easy to insert or embed content into the OneNote page. Simply copy the link of your choice and paste it into the OneNote page. For example, we’ve pasted a YouTube web link, and OneNote automatically turns it into a video, like magic!

We’ve also tested this out on other services on the list such as Spotify and GIPHY, which all can be adjusted in size according to preference. Although, we’d be surprised if every single site and services worked.

Who gets it?

Users can resize embed content on OneNote for Windows Desktop, and now for Web.

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