Better, searchable drop-down lists in Excel

Excel 365 for Windows and now Excel 365 for Mac and Mobile apps have a long overdue improvement to its drop-down list selector. At long last we have AutoComplete or Search for pull-down lists.

You’ll be able to type a search into the drop-down list so Excel can show all the matching results. For example, type CO to reduce a long list of companies to one with only those two letters.

Search pull-down list

The search matches text anywhere in the string but ignores any blank items.

It’s simple to use, in fact there’s no visible change to the drop-down list at all. Here’s Microsoft’s demo

Source: Microsoft

Who gets it?

AutoComplete for dropdown lists was originally just in Excel 365 for Windows during 2022.  

In late September 2023 it was added to Excel 365 for Mac plus Excel Mobile for Apple iPhone, iPad and Android.

The best way to add drop-down list in Excel

Using Unique() to make an Excel drop-down list