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Add a special font for dyslexics to Word and Office

Dyslexie is a special font that’s easier for dyslexic people to read than standard type.  It’s free for personal use and easy to include in Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint for Windows or Mac.

The font is specially designed, making it easier for the eye/brain to distinguish similar letters.

For example, the slight incline reduces the confusion between b  and d


Or varying heights to make v and w clearer.


For all that, Dyslexie is still quite readable by anyone.  It might look a little odd or askew, that’s all.

Example of Dyslexie font

There are Dyslexie options to view or edit existing documents or  PDF with Dyslexie instead of the original fonts.

A Google Chrome extension will swap fonts on a web page for Dyslexie

Here’s how to add Dyslexie to existing documents or make a Dyslexie version.

Downloading Dyslexie

Click the Order button at and choose your user type.

A single home user can download the basic font pack free.

The download is a regular TrueType font that’s compatible with both Windows and Mac.

Install the font as usual on Windows or Mac and it’ll appear in the font list.

Using Dyslexie

Dyslexie is just like any other font but it’s special nature means you may not want to use it as a regular font.  Rather, apply dyslexie to make a secondary version of the original document,

For example, a regular exam paper or class reading can have a few copies using Dyslexie for those that need it.

Swap fonts in Word

There are various ways to temporarily swap fonts in Word.  The best option is to alter the styles. Choose Modify Style then choose Dyslexie font.  Print or make PDF the Dyslexie version then switch back to the original font.

Alternatively, use Advanced Replace to switch an existing font for Dyslexie.


Whether you Modify Style or Replace fonts, Undo is available.  You can print/save to PDF then click Undo to switch the document back to its regular fonts.

If you’re doing the font swap regularly, you might want to make a separate Word template.

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