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Lovely Wallpapers from Microsoft – old and new

Tucked away in a little known part of Microsoft’s web sites is a lovely collection of wallpapers (or PowerPoint backgrounds) with new and old, nostalgic designs. Including a 4k rendering of the famous Windows XP wallpaper .

Go to to see all the wallpapers. At first some in full-page versions but scrolling past that to see all the images available in thumbnails.

There are images from Design Week, Pride, Fluent UI and emoji and Surface

Nostalgia Scenes – Bliss, Solitaire and Clippy

Some “Nostalgia Scenes” including a high-resolution version of ‘Bliss’, the Windows XP wallpaper. There’s also an image of the memorable Solitaire game ending and the dreaded Clippy.

The Windows XP image is a 7.5MB JPG file 4089 x 2726 @ 72dpi.

Office Icons

Six images of “Office Icons”.

How to get the Microsoft wallpapers

In the ‘All’ gallery, click on a thumbnail to open the image full-screen in the browser. Then right-click and choose either ‘Save Image As …’ or ‘Copy image’ (or similar wording, depending on the browser’.

With ‘Copy Image’ you can paste direct into another app, such as PowerPoint.

In the large gallery at the top of the page, the images are grouped in collections. The numbering is shown top-left. Download a ZIP file of all the images using the bottom-right link.

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