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Get the Pillars of Creation on your computer or slide

The latest from the James Webb Telescope is wonderful, a new look at the “Pillars of Creation”. A photo from 6,500 light years away which you can add to your computer or PowerPoint slide in seconds from the original source.

“Pillars of Creation” as a Windows desktop wallpaper or background

The image has appeared on many web sites at reduced sizes and resolutions.  Far better to get high quality, untampered versions from the original source

Original photo in many sizes

Go here for a range of options for resolution and dimensions of the photo plus narration and technical details.

Look on the right-column for image formats, wallpaper choices or an online zoomable view.

There’s a full size, uncompressed TIF file, all 163MB – way too much for most people.

We grabbed the 2048×1536 wallpaper image which is more than enough for most desktop computers but still only 1.6MB.

The same JPG file should be sufficient for a PowerPoint slide or slide background. 

“Pillars of Creation” in PowerPoint

If you’re concerned about the PowerPoint .pptx file size, use one of the smaller wallpaper options or the 1MB ‘screensize JPEG’

Windows or Mac desktop wallpaper

In Windows Settings | Personalization | Background and select the downloaded file.  Or open the image in the Photos app and choose Set As … Background.

On a Mac choose Apple | System Preferences |Desktop & Screen Saver | Desktop then choose the photo.

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