Don’t wait – start using the new Microsoft Designer now

Get the new Microsoft Designer tool now.  You can preview Microsoft’s new way to quickly make graphic designs with text and pictures including fancy, original AI generated (aka Dall-E) images. Now NO wait list, just login and start creating.

Made in a minute or two in Microsoft Designer

Give Designer a try to add something interesting to a Word document, PowerPoint slide or social media post. You only need three things to start using Designer

  • A Microsoft account, just like all other Microsoft online services
  • A little patience, until your turn comes in the preview waiting list.
  • A heartbeat ❤️, anyone can join the Designer preview.
The Microsoft Designer starting dialog

How to join the Designer wait list

Go to , enter your email address then click ‘Join the waitlist’.

You should get a confirmation email and later the Microsoft gods will smile upon you and send a link to join the preview. 

There’s no obligation to use your preview invitation when it arrives and no cost.

Designer is a ‘work in progress’ with changes appearing all the time.  I’ve seen changes in Designer during a single morning trying it out, but nothing major or confusing.

Office Watch will have a lot more to say about Designer (the good and the bad). For the moment, we suggest you sign up and give it a try.  As always, we love to hear from our readers – comments or questions about Microsoft Designer.

If nothing else, Designer is an interesting addition to the Microsoft product range.

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