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Avoid one Microsoft product that’s not ‘cool’

One bit of Microsoft hardware isn’t cool – literally.  Their ‘Xbox Mini Fridge’ has been given a ‘Shonky*’ award by an Australian consumer group.

The mini fridge used as much power as a full sized model yet could barely cool a drinks can in tests CHOICE (the Aussie equivalent of Consumer Reports in the USA or the UK’s Which)

Source: ABC

CHOICE said the Xbox Mini Fridge — authorised by Microsoft, which makes the Xbox video game consoles, but produced by a third party — couldn’t actually make things cold in its tests, and used the same amount of energy as some full-sized fridges.
“This ‘fridge’ took a lengthy 24 hours to bring eight drink cans to 21 degrees Celsius in our 32C test chamber,” Mr Kirkland says. “For context, 21C is warmer than tap water,” Mr Kirkland says.

OK, the fridge was made by a third-party but surely someone at Redmond checked out the manufacturer and the product before slapping Microsoft name on it?

* Shonky?

Shonky is an Australian term for something or someone unreliable, dishonest or of dubious quality. See also Shonkier and Shonkiest.

Microsoft Word’s spell checker recognises ‘shonky’ in the English (Australia) dictionary but not for other dialects like USA or UK.

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