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Office 2024 coming to replace Office 2021

It seems the next version of Office will be out in 2024. If the latest leak from Microsoft holds up, Office 2024 will replace Office 2021.

Some images posted on Twitter (X) by techosaurusrex show a screen from Word 2024 as part of a “Office 2024 LTSC Professional Plus 2024” bundle.

LTSC means ‘Long Term Servicing Channel’, a version of Office for organizations who need Office or Windows that doesn’t update often or needs to run offline.

Microsoft is likely to also sell “Office 2024” to replace “Office 2021”, the current single purchase, non-subscription or ‘perpetual licence’ version of Microsoft Office.

The version shown in the image is 2312 build 17102.200000 compared with the current Office 2021 release at 2310 build 16924.20124 .

It’s merely an unofficial leak at this point. There’s no release date, pricing or feature details … yet.

It’s a reasonable guess that Office 2024 will have some new and changed features from Office 2021 but few, if any, cloud related offerings. Reduced support, just like Office 2021 and possibly a higher price too.

Visio 2024 and Project 2024

In the same leak there are images from Project and Visio,

There are also suggestions of a new Windows and Windows Server in 2024.

Office LTSC 2021 explained, the good and bad

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