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Introducing Reading Coach to enhance Reading Fluency with AI

Microsoft has launched an innovative tool, Reading Coach, designed to transform students’ reading experiences. This AI-powered assistant offers customized assistance to readers across various age groups.

Utilizing advanced AI, including natural language processing, Reading Coach analyzes reading habits and provides specific feedback to bolster fluency, precision, and understanding.

Reading Aloud

When Microsoft talks about ‘reading’ they really mean ‘Reading Aloud’. Reading Coach listens to someone speaking text on the screen then analyses the results for pronunciation accuracy.

As we’ll see, it makes use of existing Microsoft technologies.  Dictation (speech to text), elements of PowerPoint’s Rehearse and the Immersive Reader in Word.

Reading Coach does NOT test understanding and comprehension of something that’s been read.

Start Reading Coach

Go to to start using a new AI made story, paste in a passage or use a selection from the Reading Coach library.

The library has text at different reading levels 1 to 8.

The text appears in the Immersive Reader, a format that might be familiar to Microsoft Word users.

Fluency Assessment

A standout feature is its real-time fluency evaluation, which examines aspects like word recognition and expression to pinpoint areas needing reinforcement.

Reading Coach has gamified exercises and progress tracking, making reading practice enjoyable and fulfilling.

For educators and parents

The tool also aids teachers and parents by offering insights into reading performance, helping to customize teaching approaches for each student’s unique needs.

There’s a tutorial video at

Who gets it?

Individuals can use Reading Coach via a Microsoft personal account (not business/enterprise).

Schools can enable Reading Coach for their students after signing up for the preview.

Reading Coach is available on the web and also a Windows app (though we could not find a link to it).

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