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Microsoft Word – switch away from Aptos fonts

There are at least two ways to switch away from the new Aptos fonts in Microsoft Word and back to the old Calibri fonts or something else.

Microsoft has forced a change to Aptos as the new default font in Word but that change doesn’t suit everyone.  In particular, Aptos doesn’t make much (or any) visible difference for bold text. Both these paragraphs have the word ‘fight’ in bold but that doesn’t appear in the Aptos version.

It’s the same problem in Outlook but you can change away from Aptos font.

Change back to the old document defaults

Make a new blank document (File | Home | New Blank Document).

All the ‘old’ document defaults are still in Word, go to Design | Themes and choose ‘Office 2013-2022’ Theme.

Check the tooltip to see the full name of the theme.

Office 2013-2022 Theme uses Calibri font for text and Calibri Light for headings.

Make a new default look for documents

That changes the look of the current document only. To make those changes ‘stick’ for future new documents, choose Design | Document Formatting | Set as Default then confirm by choosing ‘Yes’.

That will change the Normal.dotm file which is the basis for blank documents in Word, see Two ways to change document defaults in Microsoft Word

Outlook – change away from Aptos font

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