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Outlook - change away from Aptos font

Switch from the new Aptos default font in Outlook to another font that you prefer and is has better readability in Outlook desktop (Windows or Mac) and Outlook (new).

Personally I’ve tried to like Aptos fonts but after a few months they still offend my eyes, especially in emails.  It’s too ‘blocky’ and hard to read.

Where’s the bold text?

Worse, bold text in Aptos doesn’t appear different from normal text.  See this example:

The phrases ‘Be not alarmed’ and ‘God bless you’ are both in bold, not that you’d know. The rest of the body text is Aptos 11pt Normal.

Mr Darcy’s signature is in Italics – at least that is visibly different from Normal.

Compare that with the same message, just changed from Aptos to Calibri (the previous Office default font). Now the two bold text phrases are clearly visible.

Changing to a different font for Outlook messages is easy, once you know where the settings are buried.

Change away from Aptos in Outlook desktop for Windows

Go to Files | Options | Mail | Stationery and Fonts then change the Font settings for New messages, Reply/Forward messages or, more likely, both.

For Latin text | Font change from +Body to another font, most likely the previous default Calibri.

You can also change the default font size or other settings.

Outlook (new) for Windows

It’s quite different in Outlook (new).  The default font can be set for each email account but there’s no difference available for New vs Reply/Forward messages.

Go to Settings | Mail | Compose and reply | Message format. Choose an email account then change the font, size etc.

Make sure you click ‘Save’ to commit any changes.

Outlook for Mac

Outlook | Options | Fonts then choose the fonts for either New or Reply/Forward emails as well as the message preview.

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