How do you save documents?

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One reader shares his way to organize documents.

It’s something we might take for granted but my eye caught this message from an Office Watch reader:

John R writes:

“I label folders by topic and sub-topic and files by using the date of origin in the year/month/day sequence, ie this one is reference 050315. The beauty of this is, it keeps things in chronological order which matches my memory. Of course as the year changes, I create a new sub-folder with the date (or month if it is a busy topic), ie 0503. I then relabel any incoming files by their date of origin so they slot neatly into the sequence, that is before or after my related file.”

John has one way to arrange documents that suits him. It made me wonder how other readers choose to organize their documents.

  • Do you save them under ‘My Documents’ or some other ‘root’ folder
  • How do you create folders / sub-folders?
  • Do you have a document naming system or just whatever come to mind?
  • Do you make use of Word document properties (under File | Properties | Summary or Custom)?
  • Do you let documents accumulate over the years?
  • Do you delete or archive old documents occasionally?

For more information, including reader responses to these questions, check out this Office for Mere Mortals article.


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