Kindle software updates

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Amazon Kindle’s get a software update to support a new file format and other goodies.

A few weeks ago we talked about a new file format for Amazon Kindle devices- KF8 .

Now the software has arrived to support the new formats on the devices.

Go to Amazon and click on the image matching your Kindle.

The KF8 format update is only available for the Kindle Touch and Kindle 4 (the recent, non-touch, Kindle). However there are other new features depending on the Kindle model.

The Kindle Touch update (v5.1.0) has instant translations (by word or highlighted section), switching between portrait and landscape views (handy for tables etc that will be more common using the KF8 format), keyboard suggestions for searching and more Wifi options. Alas no change to the despised page turning touch zones that have driven many people to the cheaper Kindle 4.

The Kindle update (v4.1.0 for the device better known as ‘Kindle 4’). There’s a new reading font that has “higher contrast and crisper so that you can enjoy a paper-like reading experience”. We’ll be interested to see this, especially since Kindle’s have always promised a ‘paper-like’ experience. Children’s books with text pop-up , comics with Panel view, table and image viewing/zooming are supported as part of the KF8 format rollout.

Kindle Fire already has KF8 support so the v6.3.1 update has other features including Print Replica textbooks, better web reading view, archive of personal document and parental controls.

Getting the update varies a little depending on the device – check the links above for device specific details. You can either manually update via wifi, wait for the wifi update to come automatically or download separately and copy the update file to the Kindle via USB.

Amazon doesn’t say this, but we do …. make a copy of all your ebooks (the documents folder) and any other personal files before doing the update. This is just in case something goes wrong and is good practice for any major update to software or devices.

There are also updates for some older model Kindle’s but none will support KF8 and the changes are minor.

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