Editing Office documents with Evernote

Evernote for Android now comes with the ability to edit Office documents.

Our favorite notemaking system, Evernote, now has the ability to edit Office documents within their Android version.

Yes – we very much prefer Evernote over Office Onenote. Evernote runs very well, syncs seamlessly and completely across all popular platforms and devices.

Evernote has teamed up with OfficeSuite to provide the ability to edit doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx and other Office documents (when attached to Evernote).

Assuming you already have Evernote for Android, install OfficeSuite Pro 7 Trial version.

In any note with an Office documents attachment, click on it and choose Edit. If prompted, choose OfficeSuite Pro to open the document then OfficeSuite will start.

If you have a paid Evernote account (Evernote Premium US$5.50 a month or $47 annually) then OfficeSuite Pro is fully functioning when used from Evernote. Since OfficeSuite Pro usually costs about $15 that’s a good extra.

Free Evernote accounts get a seven day trial of OfficeSuite Pro.

OfficeSuite Pro Trial only becomes fully functional when called from an Evernote attachment. If you start the app separately, the trial is activated. It’s worth noting that, unlike Office for Android, OfficeSuite Pro works with locally stored files as well as Google Drive, DropBox, Box and SugarSync.

The Evernote/OfficeSuite Pro combination is a good alternative to Office for Android for the majority who don’t have a Microsoft Office subscription. Certainly if you already have Evernote Premium, download OfficeSuite Pro 7 for the free extra.

The only nuisance about this alternative is that you have to attach documents to Evernote notes to make them available. Not for the first time, we wonder why Evernote doesn’t expand into file storage similar to Dropbox and Skydrive. Premium customers could sync documents directly from file storage to make them available on other devices. The amount of storage and bandwidth taken from their generous monthly usage allowance.

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