New names for Skydrive

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Some reader suggestions for a renamed Skydrive.

With the news that Microsoft’s Skydrive service will be renamed, came some suggestions from readers.

Microsoft Cloud Storage 2013 Home and Student edition

Office 365 Drive

Bob Drive – time to give the ill-fated Microsoft Bob a new job.

Universal Microsoft hasn’t used “Ultimate” in a while, so maybe it’s time to dust it off.

Big Brother since details of your Skydrive use end up at the NSA within a day

GodDrive sound too omnipotent?

Aetherdrive, Aether being the Greek god of lightning – invoking both speed and cloudness for the product.

Ms.Drive was a suggestion that may well be close to the new name, most likely Microsoft Drive.

Our idea of LiveDrive got shot down in flames:

“LiveDrive is already taken by a British Internet-based backup service, the one I use. It’s competitors are Carbonite and Mozy. ” also “LiveDrive and LiveDrive II was the name of two of Creative’s SoundBlaster series of audio cards. “

Frankly, they can call it ‘Tommy the Sea Lion’ for all we care. Far more important is a better Skydrive which is popular on its own merit. Better synchronization on Apple and Android devices would be a start. At present Skydrive relies on enforced popularity through ties with Office and Windows.  Notably Office for Mobile where Skydrive is effectively compulsory.

Thanks to Mike, Michael, Myndi, Danny and Ken.

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