Office 2010 Service Pack 2 - OK?

Is Office 2010 SP2 safe?

Back in July, Microsoft released its second Service Pack for Office 2010. As usual, we suggested a little caution in updating Office 2010, just in case there’s problems.

That’s not to say there is or was anything wrong with SP2, but updating Office is a complex process that Microsoft sometimes gets wrong.

Looking around the forums, a few people have had trouble installing SP2 or afterwards but there’s nothing consistent. That’s typical for any update.

Microsoft, as usual, will admit to nothing bad. The KB article Known issues when you install Office 2010 SP2 and SharePoint 2010 SP2 hasn’t been updated since 23 July 2013 so either SP2 is flawless or, more likely, Microsoft isn’t talking.

Our best judgment is that you install SP2 when convenient. It can take a while to download and install so do it when you have some downtime. Don’t update when you have a pressing job or deadline because if something goes wrong you’ll be stuck.

Happily, these days you can uninstall an Office Service Pack so you should be able to fall-back if necessary.

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