Military Discount for Australians and others

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John Harcourt-Rigg writes ….

Could you tell me why Microsoft do not offer a similar discount programme for users of Microsoft Office 365 that users receive in USA.  That is a discount for: Serving Members, and retired Military Veterans

Australian VETS have served side by side with USA veterans in most international conflicts, have done, and still do to this day, and yet every time this subject is broached on the phone with Microsoft Australia.  I am an Apple user, and a Military Veteran, who fought alongside USA in Vietnam, and at present I use Apple IWORK, however would love to use Microsoft Office for MAC on my IMAC.

I thought if Microsoft had a policy for USA military, it would also apply to USA Allies as well.

There is a ‘Military Appreciation Edition’ MAE offers for both qualifying US and Canadian service personnel, but not for any other countries to our knowledge.  I think part of the reason is that both those countries have a greater tradition of military discounts than elsewhere.

Vets and serving personnel from other countries would need to ask their local Microsoft office to extend the North American offer to their area. If enough people ask then they may take action.

It’s worth noting that the Military Appreciation Edition offer isn’t as great as it was many years ago.  It’s still a $30 discount in the first year which is nothing to sneeze at.

The current offer for US military is $69.99 for a year of the Office 365 Home package, normally $99.99.  There’s no ‘one off purchase’ option with the MAE these days.

The Office 365 MAE package includes 60 minutes of Skype calls to many standard phone lines – good for those overseas who need to call home and the free ‘computer to computer’ Skype calls aren’t possible.

Qualifying people can buy another MAE from their ‘PX’ and use that Product Key to renew.

This is an area that, as civilians, we can’t test for ourselves.  More than usual, we’d be interested to hear about experiences with the MAE and especially using it to renew.

A reminder that another possibility is the ‘Home Use Program’ which, last we were told, applies to US Defence staff with an appropriate IT account/credentials.  This lets you install Office 2013 at home for little or no cost.

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