How to set reminders for Outlook emails – in and out

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Outlook for Windows can set reminders to follow up on incoming emails but what’s less well known are the two options for follow up on emails you send out.

Attaching a flag to an email you sent means Outlook will pop-up to remind you.  For outgoing emails it’s a great way to remind yourself if the person has NOT replied or done as you asked.

Outlook for Mac does NOT support this feature.

Sent emails can also include a reminder for the recipient.

From an open email message go to Home | Tags | Follow Up | Add Reminder:

There are two Flag or Reminder options:

Flag for Me

This is a personal reminder that only you, as the sender, will see.

Flag for Recipients

This reminder is sent with the email and may become a reminder on the recipients computer.

Click on the links to find out more about the two choices.


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