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'Flags to Me' - reminders with your Outlook emails

When you send an email, Outlook can add a ‘Follow up’ reminder to appear later.

This is a reminder for you, the sender.  There’s a separate option to send a reminder to the email recipients.

From an open email message go to Home | Tags | Follow Up

For a quick flag with just a ‘Follow up’ message, choose one of the default reminder times.

These are ‘in-house’ or personal reminders that only you will see.

Flag To –  the text reminder.  There are some pull-down options

but I always change the text to something more specific.

Start and End Date – the dates for the task.

Reminder – the date/time of the reminder to ‘pop-up’ in Outlook.

Reminder after the message is sent

You can set a reminder for an email already sent.  Go to the Sent Items folder, open the sent message.

On the Message tab, Tags there’s the same Follow Up option. Choose Add Reminder to set a reminder to yourself.

Of course, you can’t set a reminder to the recipient because the email has already gone.  To set a recipient reminder you’d have to resend the message (Message, Move, More Move Actions, Resend Message).


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